Saturday, October 2, 2010

Painting and nail polish giveaway!

My good friend over at Painted Lady Fingers, a nail polish blog, is having a giveaway which features a painting I did of a witch gathering bottles of nail polish from an autumn tree (a nail polish tree -- surely you've heard of them??) in a Halloween setting.

For details on how to enter please visit the contest post, but you'll get five BB Couture Infamous Lovers polishes from Overall Beauty, and four Chez-Delaney nail stamping plates, also including fall and Halloween designs, in addition to the original painting.

Please visit and enter, it is a great package of goodies and if you don't wear nail polish yourself perhaps you know someone who would enjoy them as a gift! :) The painting is an original, it's 6 x 8 inches and you will be the only person on the block with a painting of a nail polish tree, I am quite sure!

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