Thursday, April 17, 2014

A short visit to Twin Peaks

Just a quick note to say that I have a coupon code, SPRING2014, good through the end of the day May 31, for 15% off.

Among the new additions are a couple more miniature Twin Peaks-inspired paintings, and I have a couple more in the wings but here is the first batch!

First, the third of my mini Black Lodges...this captures that weird moment where a shape glides across the curtain, in the first dream sequence.

An owl enjoys a mug of coffee from the Double R Diner, on a log.

 An owl doesn't necessarily have to mean Twin Peaks....but to some of us, it does.

Since high school I have associated pie and coffee with one thing.

Audrey Horne is still available as of this writing...

And here are a couple of sold paintings, just to show what I've previously worked on. Here is my first Black Lodge... 

...and my second.

That's show and tell for now...more to come soon.

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