Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Solo album - Dorothy's Ghost, and more musical news

Last month saw the long-awaited release of some early recordings of mine on the UK label Reverb Worship. These were recorded on 4-track under extremely lo-fi conditions in the late 1990s and cassettes were given to a few friends. Now available in a limited edition on cd-r, it includes color cover artwork and matching label art, and can be purchased directly from the label through their website (they accept orders via email, see below) or on eBay. I hope to get myself together technologically in the next few days to post a track or two as listen-only selections on Bandcamp. At the moment I just have some tracks from my experimental project, White Gloves & Party Manners, up there, but check back and before long I should have more...

From the Reverb Worship site:

"Over the course of time, it occurred to me that one of the artists who I really liked a lot, and I wanted to release some music by was Sarada.She has provided some rather lovely vocals to music from a variety of Timothy Renner's musical projects (Stone Breath , Breath Stone and Crow Tongue) plus her own music too.She is also a superb artist and illustrator. Having done a fair amount of "backtracking and musical digging" (more on this subject later on in the year), I eventually asked Sarada if she would be consider doing some music with me.I am delighted to say that she agreed.When the master arrived through my letterbox I was very pleased indeed. Sarada has sent me one of her earliest solo recordings which only appeared on a self released cassette which only got handed out to a small amount of family and close friends.The music on this cassette contains eight wonderful tracks which were recorded by Sarada in the corner of her living room in four track in 1998-1999.What we have here is a real slice of hazy psychedelic wyrdfolk of the very highest quality.It sounds like one of those "lost" recordings that could have been created anytime in the last thirty years or so,  and people "get all freaky" about.To compliment the music Sarada has allowed me to use one of her paintings for the cover design.As a added bonus Sarada has also done a drawing for the cd label.
This cd is available now in a hand numbered edition of 50 copies with artwork printed onto 160gsm bright white card.This cd comes with my very highest recommendation.
UK = £7.00
Europe = £9.00
USA = £10.00

Paypal to

Also available on eBay.

Reviews have been posted on several sites as well:

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And as a final note this week, on the Stone Breath Bandcamp page, "The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird" BOX SET (includes 2CDs + 5" record + booklet - lots of material not available as digital downloads) is available for 20% off. Enter this code at checkout: firewheel

Thanks for looking, and remember to check back with my bandcamp page for some new tracks in the near future!


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