Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in paint

After a couple of years of being pretty quiet, 2009 was a very busy year for me -- starting with January, when I spent about a week just doing paintings for myself, like the one you see above, with a psychedelic surreal science fiction feel. I really enjoyed these and kept most of them for myself. But it got me into the habit, so over the year I did dozens more...including a wonderful project for the Eve Hallows book which is now available!

I did a lot more work on my Etsy shop,, and I have something like 80 items for sale right now including original art and prints -- which I also figured out how to get together for selling purposes this year.

I took tons of photos of mushrooms in the woods...started this, it was a pretty busy year! And I am happy to have found many like-minded artists and craftspeople along the way.

As usual I did a lot of Halloween art...

A lot of crazy colorful stuff...

Some gothic haunted art inspired by my reading of 19th century ghost stories...

And just cute stuff with owls and cats in it. :P

Anyway, thank you if you have been looking at my little blog here, and here are a few more images from throughout the year just to sort of sum up what kind of a year it's been for me! Here's to much more fun stuff in 2010!

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