Thursday, December 10, 2009

Into the cavern

Oh goodness gracious but time does fly. I have a million half finished posted that I need to post here, but headaches, work and other obligations keep me from completing them. So for the moment I am just saying hello. How are you, readers? I've been looking at everyone else's blog but haven't been tending to my own.

I am still really into doing these figure paintings, with the ambiguous featureless forms. I never get tired of them! They are always floating around, drifting or reaching out for things. Ahh, they are a fun bunch. The colors in this one are inspired by malachite, that glorious black-green rock that I love so much, and a sort of periwinkle bluebell blue. That is a tribute to the bluebells that I love so much in May and can't wait to see blossom again, many months from now.

If you can tell, I am not thinking much about the upcoming holidays, though I wish everyone a happy one. I usually celebrate holidays "when I get around to it," which is rarely on the actual date, and almost never with store bought gifts. But whatever works! It always sneaks up too fast on me, personally!

Happy winter, everyone!

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