Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking for input

I pose this question of friends once a year but I have yet to really get going on the project so I'll ask again! What paintings from my web site, http://www.artbysarada.com, that I did in the earlier part of the decade, do you think would make nice prints or might otherwise be reproducible (on a mug, a tote, whatever!)?

You can see what I already have along those lines in the Cafepress store if you go to my page for that here:


I really like the Cafepress stuff but I'd like to ultimately be able to offer that kind of thing directly, rather than going through an outside site.

The painting you see above, "Halloween Cauldron," I still have an original of and I can make prints of that on demand -- same with this one below, "The Crone's Secret."

However, you see, the problem with me making prints of older work is that I do not have high definition scans of the paintings that I did back in 2000-2003, so once I sold the originals I couldn't really reproduce them. I can however paint new versions of these favorite images. Here are two I am working on right now:

"Black Lantern Spell"

"Dark Lanterns" - I've painted versions of this numerous times!

Two that I'd also like to include are:

"A Magickal Tea Party"

"Alice in the Dark Woods"

So I'm just gauging interest in what some of my older images might be good to resurrect for the purposes of creating prints from new copies of them now that the technology is available. I can't do all of them but it's something that will keep me busy for awhile if it works out!

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