Friday, September 10, 2010

Back from the darkness

It's been over two months since I was able to update this blog so thank you to anyone who still has me on their list! I have not had internet access regularly since early June, except when I was at work (and I quit my job on July 23 to Pursue Other Interests, so I haven't had it there in awhile) or at my mom's house. I have not had my scanner hooked up to anything, since I was in the process of moving for a very long time -- and while I've been doing new art and keeping up with Etsy sales, etc., I haven't been able to update online otherwise. Updates might be a little spotty for awhile still but since the fall season is under way I'd better get cracking with something!

I'm working on some gothic paintings -- gothic in the sense of "women wearing gowns holding candelabras," like the mystery/romance novel covers from the 60s and 70s, or gothic in the original literary sense of the 1790s (Ann Radcliffe & c.). But while I prefer to read the 1790s literature, the artwork of the 1960s novels has captured me -- possibly because of my love of the show "Dark Shadows" -- and I am going to have a lot of flowing white gowns, Victorian mansions and amulets for awhile. Here is the first in this particular series! I will post her on Etsy when I can get a proper scan, this is just a photograph for now. Happy fall! I should also note that while last fall I had tons of photos of the woods and mushrooms, that the incredible lack of rain this summer has made for no mushrooms, and not a lot of greenery -- and the intense heat and the fact that I was moving all of my belongings out of my apartment, meant that I did not take a lot of recreational walks. All of that will change soon though!


  1. Oh, yes, she is lovely!! Of course, I am a big fan of the red hair, and I have a similar idea of what is gothic! I always thought it would be fun to make enlarged color copies of some of those old gothic paperback novels and frame them.

    Hopefully, there will be mushrooms soon!

  2. Thank you dear! I am hoping to get some copies of those novels for visual inspiration -- I love the idea of making little prints of them! They'd be right at home between the Pre-Raphaelites and K. Chin! :)