Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I know that since at least 50% of the art I do is Halloween themed that I should probably have something to say around Halloween itself! I pretty much think about pumpkins and witch hats all year long so it just seems perfectly normal that they should be everywhere this week! But since I'm not a party-going type, the actual day of Halloween is basically just an excuse for me to be myself. I usually wear one of my more fabulous dresses that I've made out of Halloween fabric or which looks particularly wonderfully haunted, and I just sort of enjoy the fact that for one day everything looks like it does inside my head!

Since my camera isn't much for taking pictures in low light, I am not absolutely sure if I'll be able to take neighborhood decoration pics tomorrow so in the mean time I am posting some of my more little-seen paintings from the past decade! These are ones that I have not featured on my Web site or which I have not done repaints or prints of to my recollection. Some of them, like the one above and below, were too large to scan. They have long since gone on to new homes!

This one above was a 16 x 20 and I remember wanting to do a painting with all of my favorite 'characters' in it from my first couple of years of selling art online. A little blonde witch, a pumpkin man from early 1900s postcards, a pumpkin man and a black cat were my favorite characters, along with little wide-eyed wisps of ghosts.

This one had some vague memories of Dark Shadows associated with it, even though I hadn't seen it for 20 years when I did this!

That little white cat on the jack o'lantern is my cat Shizuka of course!

Anyway there's a few visuals for you on the best day of the year! More Halloween goodies coming tomorrow!

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