Saturday, October 31, 2009

And again I say, Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween again, this time on the actual day of course!!  It's windy and rainy here in New Jersey and unseasonably warm (72 today) and humid.  Kind of weird when you're expecting a crisp clear autumn day but it was nice not to be freezing!  It's mellow here, just watching old Simpsons Halloween specieals, the obligatory viewing of Night of the Living Dead as we flip through the channels, and some Dark Shadows for me later.

I wanted to share one of the trailers we have up on YouTube for the children's book I am illustrating!  There are several trailers up now and I will share more in the upcoming days and weeks!  Above you can see one of the illustrations I've done.  There will be more than a dozen in total. The book will be coming out in 2010!  Visit for more information!  And if you missed the link above, Click Here to see one of the trailers.

I also wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to my lifelong like-a-sister-to-me friend Deirdre who you can visit over at Blackbird's Learning to Fly blog and you can also visit her at, and also on Facebook here.

And you most definitely want to visit her Artfire page at to look for holiday gifts this year!!

In other linky news, the EtsyNJ blog page has one of my crypt ghost paintings on today's entry and some other cute stuff too!

I think that about covers it for the big Halloween link round-up. I've got a lot more TV to watch now! ;P  And I have a vague desire to start a NaNoWriMo novel though I have NO IDEAS whatsoever and no time either!  But it's a tradition for me to at least start one on Halloween night every year and let it fizzle out by my birthday (Nov. 8)

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