Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yay 50 followers!

I just noticed that I hit 50 followers here, not counting those who have subscribed via email. Thank you to everyone who is looking! I read through the postings on my blogroll every day, and I am trying to comment whenever I can, so your views are very much appreciated.

Halloween is only a week away and I am completely at a loss for what to do about it. I tend to have a little Halloween in every day of the year, so the actual day is intimidating. I usually don't do anything special, I'm afraid!

Looking back through some old photos though I found these -- photos of the large 3 x 4 foot paintings that I did about five or six years ago, around this time of year. They are the largest paintings I have ever done - versions of a couple of things from my web gallery,, with a few extra details thrown in. Shipping was the most difficult part of the whole thing, because they were too large for the USPS. I remember taking them to the UPS store, where they had to ship them in bicycle boxes and I think it was around $150 to ship them just a few states away. I would love to do something large again but I would probably have to have someone come to pick them up if they were any larger!

I did get my new batch of 5 x 7 prints this week, so I'm slowly getting around to listing them. This Halloween owl playing with a clutch of sugar skulls, was a favorite painting when I did it three years ago, so I wanted to make prints of this one for sure...

And in the meantime a psychedelic autumn owl wound up happening as well. This is just listed as an original right now, but like anything that I have a high-res scan image of, I can make a print from it.

That's about it for now...hopefully I'll have time to do something festive this week!


  1. Congratulations on your first fifty followers! That's wonderful!

    I remember when you were doing those giant commissions. They were spooky and majestic.

  2. your art is so beautiful!

    just stopping by to say hi! super cute blog :)

    xo, Katie

  3. Thank you Katie, I just added your blog to my list because I absolutely love it! Kitties and crafts, I am totally there! :)

    And thank you too Diana! :)

  4. Woo hoo!! Congrats Sarada!

  5. Thank you for dropping by. Happy Halloween!