Monday, August 10, 2009

Halloween begins...and also, Artfire

"Emeraude Feels Festive" is the first of my small (6 x 8) Halloween pieces I hope to have completed this year well in advance of Halloween.  It happens every year -- I mean to get a lot of stuff together before fall, but I suddenly look up and it's October and the stores have already switched over to Christmas.  

The little Egyptian symbols on her sleeve are a nod to the fact that I've been reading "The Jewel of the Seven Stars" by Bram Stoker, his mummy book -- I finally got a copy with both endings, as oposed to an "abridged" version.  There's a nice little reprint available under the title Return From The Dead .

Otherwise, although these are in the Etsy shop, I hope to start a small Artfire store as well under the name Sarada.  I thought I had already registered there but I guess I didn't!  I thought their monthly fee was a requirement, but apparently that's only for a premium membership.

I don't know if anyone reads this, but if anyone does, and has any thoughts -- I'm trying to determine whether it's worth posting any art at all on eBay, which used to be the main place that I sold stuff.  But now I can tell no one is even looking, when I list art.  I miss my old customers!  I wonder if I should have just kept listing stuff every week, even when no one was buying, but it was really hard to keep it up.  Inspiration only comes in bursts, and it's hard to force it.  


  1. I think, if no one is looking, it might not be worth it. Do you use a page counter? If you are getting a few views, and especially if yout get anyone watching them, then it might lead to a sale.

  2. Yeah, the first five ebay listings every month are free so I don't think I'll waste money on listings if no one is looking. People aren't even 'watching' them. I like to have some visibility, so people who used to buy from me can find me again, but I don't really have money to burn!