Friday, August 7, 2009

Hooray for Bing!

My online gallery of Halloween and Witch art is the first hit that comes up on Bing for the search "witch art", isn't that neat! My web page will soon have its own domain name, I think I clicked the button I needed to click yesterday to make that happen but it hasn't gone through yet. It will still be reachable by the same address it currently it, but there will be a new, easier to remember domain name. It won't look any different though (yet).

And for no reason, here's a Halloweenish picture from a few years ago. The season has officially begun, as far as I'm concerned, even though we haven't had a genuinely hot summer day yet this year in this part of New Jersey. Looks like that will change on Monday, but hey, it's almost over -- bring on the fall!

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