Monday, August 3, 2009

Snow Summoning

Here's another recent painting, which I actually started at the beginning of last winter, with the clever thought "I'm going to get started early on winter paintings this year!"  Obviously, that didn't quite work out.  I used to do a bunch of snow-themed paintings before Christmas/Yule/etc time each year, such as:

Through the Snow

Snow Cauldron

Snowflake Witch

And oh, gosh, there are lots more that I don't even have up on my web site right now.  I need to create a page just for Winter, actually.

So why am I talking about this in the summer?  I don't know, I got ahead of myself, I guess.  I'm going to start putting up a lot of new Halloween stuff soon, but first I realized that I had to finish this snow painting.  I have put it up on eBay for sale at a low starting price, just for kicks, along with the Summer Strawberry Witch that I did last year who is still looking for a home.

There's so little time before tying up the Halloween stuff, before winter sets in, that I never get a chance to think about winter when it is upon us.  I'm too eager to extend Halloween for as long as I possibly can, but I love all of the imagery of ice and snow as well.  

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