Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to the basics

The first painting you see above is the very first Halloween painting that I sold on eBay, close to 10 years ago.  My scan from back then was not the best quality, but you get the idea -- I was very interested in trying to capture the look of the jack o'lanterns from the turn of the century postcards, in my paintings at the time -- but since then those images have become somewhat popularized as the postcards have been reprinted in various forms, so now I'm doing simple carved pumpkin faces like the one below, for the most part.  

I wanted to do a simple pumpkin and cat painting again to usher in the season this year, so the one below is up on Etsy right now!  My first pumpkin cat was a 12 x 16 painting I think though and this one is a delicate 8 x 10 which has always been my preferred size for easy framing.  I wanted to use bright, bold colors and a lot of green in this one -- though the same black cat modeled for each, even if she doesn't know it!  Certainly, she wouldn't have sat still for that long if she knew she was being watched.

Only a little over two more months of enjoying Halloween decorations in stores!  But it will be awhile before people start decorating their houses, around here.  After all it's still 90 degrees out!

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