Saturday, August 8, 2009

We're gonna sit at the welcome table

When I start a UFO cult, this will be the cover for the brochure. I don't know if we're been watching too many UFO documentaries on late night cable, or if it's listening to Ya Ho Wha 13 in the car or re-playing Katamari Damacy again on the Playstation, but apparently something has snapped and I think I might have joined a rainbow flower hippie alien gnome UFO flower mushroom cult at some point in the last 24 hours.

And just to confuse things a little, there's some Tarot card imagery, with the black and white trees in the background similar to the pillars in the High Priestess card, and various planetary symbols scattered throughout, on the staves that the alien and gnome friends are holding.

The mystic white-robed priestess welcomes the craft to earth with a crescent moon in one hand and a red star/pentacle in the other. She is draped with blue flowers, her robe adorned with moons and stars, and a rainbow of flowers blossom over her head. An eye in a pyramid, and a crown-like headpiece with a third eye on her brow, complete her ritual garb. The UFO projects rainbow beams in all directions. Welcome, Alien Friends!

This one is on Etsy.


  1. OMG- can I join this cult too??!!! This is awesome- it has all these great things jam packed into one scene. And if you combine a few of the planetary symbols, you'll get Prince's symbol O-+> Hee hee. I love the gnome. Do you remember that Gnome art book that came out in the early 80's? I remember it said something about gnomes being "three apples high".

  2. Thank you Lisa! Good point about Prince too, hehe -- I always liked that about his symbol!

    The gnome art book is in my personal collection, of course! It was definitely a favorite as a child. I think this guy is wearing the classic gnome outfit, too, red hat and blue shirt. :D Thanks for looking! I'll put you on the mailing list for my cult when it gets started! ;)