Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scarlet Woman

Welcome to my new art blog, I've been planning this for awhile but now that I have a new scanner it finally seems like time!

I will be posting mainly new art here, sometimes works in progress, sometimes old pieces that I want to share, and information about updates to my web site, currently titled Xelucha's Haunted Menagerie, my Etsy Shop and occasionally - when I have art there - my eBay listings. Oh I have some other pages floating around too, but I'll catch up with those later. I hope to do some major revisions to my regular art page this year.

I got started on a whole bunch of things last night, including completing a piece inspired by my favorite shade-loving summer wildflower in the deep woods, but first I thought I'd start things off with a painting that celebrates freedom, decadence and indulgence. I call her "Scarlet Woman" I have her up on Etsy right now with the following description:

I began this painting as a celebration of feeling independent and free, and embracing all of the things that people say are bad for us, with glee. With long locks of red hair flying free (gee, that might be because I have red hair) and golden butterfly wings, she lifts a gold cup high in a toast to life, and wears a blood red gown, sitting high up in a twisted purple tree. A serpent twines around her legs, a friendly companion celebrating excess and enjoyment. I sort of had the idea of a Queen of Cups or Empress Tarot card in mind when I was designing this, but it is not a strict interpretation.


  1. looking good for a first post! welcome to blogging!

  2. Thank you dear! I'll make a lot of embarrassing mistakes but eventually it will all come together! :D