Saturday, September 12, 2009

new scan of an older painting

This surreal dream rabbit is actually from a couple of years ago but when I first did it I was limited by my painfully old scanner and computer at the time and couldn't get a good image of it. I've had him in my home for awhile but I thought it was a good time to bring him out for another romp. I don't know why exactly he has parrot wings, but I called him "Rabbot" because he's...well, a combination of a rabbit and a parrot.

And because I haven't posted any photos in this blog yet that I can recall, one of my main hobbies in life -- this summer, at any rate -- is photographing mushrooms in the woods. I've always gone for woods walks on pretty much every day of the year that the weather allows, fitting them in after work before I go home if I can, on weekdays. This year the tremendous amounts of rain have meant just a ton of mushrooms. Everywhere. So I've taken several hundred photos of them. I'm not really a photographer though and my cheap camera recently broke, but I think mushroom season is almost over. I found a lot today though...some orange jellies...many delightful and beautiful things are in the soil.

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