Monday, September 14, 2009

a shortcut to mushrooms

Just some more mushrooms!  Every time I go to this particular forest there is something new and exciting growing.  I don't have a very good camera -- in fact it didn't work at all until today something rattled loose and it sort of started to work sometimes, again.  I'm not really a photographer, though my father was a professional and my mom is also a photographer and takes really nice nature pictures.  I just specialize in mushrooms, because they sit still!!  I also took a picture of a tiny tiny toad but it was a little blurry.  I try to creep up on critters but I am very clumsy.  They seem to wait and pose for a minute but when I can't get a decent shot after a few tries they give up.  Sorry lady, you had your chance!


  1. LOL. I get the same feeling from animals - two seconds of patience & then... well, if they could roll their eyes, they'd be a-rolling them. And off they go.

  2. I have stand-offs with deer where they pause and look poetic for a good long time, but eventually they trot away, white tails flashing. "How long am I supposed to stand here looking graceful??"