Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of badgers and mushrooms

I was going to paint a badger and mushrooms anyway, so adding the snake in was gratuitous, I realize. But it did make me happy. :) Now on Etsy!

The little guy needs some views, I guess no one is searching on badger Halloween art today?? I can't imagine why! ;p

If you notice the trees in the background, the "one tree" and "three trees" are the symbols on my camera you push if you want to zoom in or out from a landscape. Speaking of which I took more pictures today, some really cool ones (well I can't tell yet because I haven't uploaded them...they looked good on the viewfinder though!) and I should have matte prints of a couple of my mushrooms in a couple of days. I am out of printer ink and couldn't afford both printer ink AND paper so I decided to just order a couple of prints from iprintfromhome.com to see what they look like, and decide from there how what kind of paper they look good on.

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