Saturday, September 26, 2009

Signs of autumn

Going to the roadside pumpkin and mum stands in late September is one of my fondest rituals every year.  I didn't bring a camera with me today but I took these photos with my phone, just because it was hard to resist.  The weird twisted shapes of the colorful, inedible gourds, and the odd ghostly whiteness of the pumpkins is so tempting.  I would love to just pile these everywhere, but really it's probably best if I just take pictures!

Serious fall is seriously here!  I keep thinking about things I'd like to attend, like a Princeton Ghost Walk, or the Zombie Walk in Asbury Park next week, or a screening of an old horror movie somewhere, but for the moment I'm just watching Dark Shadows at home, planning to make something with the first acorn squash of the season, and wondering where my knitting things have gone, since cooler weather makes me want to knit.


  1. What gorgeous photos! I particularly like the gourds, with all their gnarly-ness.

    I was going to try to onomatopoeia-ize the Dark Shadows theme, but it turns out that's pretty hard to do.

  2. I appreciate the intended onomatopeoiazation!