Sunday, August 28, 2011

After the hurricane

Back up in New Jersey in time to help out with hurricane preparations, I was plastering patches on the wall where water was getting in, in the basement, until late last night to try to minimize damage. As it turns out very little water got in down there except, of course, in the room where my things are being stored. Fortunately they were all up on shelves or tables, or in plastic tubs, so the puddle of water that leaked into that room did not damage anything of interest or value.

And today, giant mushrooms were already growing in the back yard!

We didn't even lose power, though I had prepared tons of raw veggie food items and a lot of non-perishables, in case we did, since we don't have any non-electric cooking devices - not even a camping stove.

Yesterday I did a small painting to pass some time, based on the popularity of this print in my shop I thought I'd start doing some small ghost bottle paintings. Here is the first, "Elixir of Arminta." I need to get more small canvases, but when I do, expect more...

Also, here is a scan of the painting that I repainted last week, since I didn't have a scanner at my disposal when I finished it. I think the scan shows the colors much better than the photo did, since they are very vivid and bold here. The photo shows the colors in natural sunlight, but the scan more accurately represents how it looks indoors I think.

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