Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter art round-up

Everyone already seems ready to start in on the holiday season in the first days of November, and since mail order can take time, I'm not going to wait any longer to launch my own winter art for the season! I'll continue to post new things as they become available, since I have a lot of painting planned. I will link back to this post whenever I post new winter art though, since it's nice to have it all in one place. I love painting snow for some reason -- that color scheme really appeals to me and I love the magical worlds that can be created with snow and ice as the themes. I hope to offer some more child-friendly art with snowy witch themes, maybe some winter animals like owls and penguins, and some gothic graveyard in the snow art as well, as the season progresses.

Commissions for the holidays can be accepted at least through the end of this month, looking at my schedule so far...I'll post a note if I get too busy to take on new ones but for now, I'm good to go!

Above, "Haunted by Snow Ghosts" is the newest original painting I have in my shop with a winter/snow theme. It is 7 x 9 inches which is a nice size for gift giving. Ghosts aren't just for Halloween, I think they are wonderful in winter too!

"Snowflake Witch" is an original 9 x 12 painting currently available. I have previously painted a very similar image but I wanted to create a new one so that I can offer her again, and also have new high resolution images available for future print-making. Right now if anyone wants a print, contact me and I can make one up in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10; they will be added to my regular shop stock in the future.

"Shards of Color" is another original currently available in 9 x 12 with snow, ice and pastel colors - great for kids or adults, a gentle but surreal little piece.

"Snow Snail" is another surreal snow painting, and the newest print I've added from a relatively recent painting (I sold the original about two years ago I think). A faceless figure is led through a snowy landscape by a strange snail. I have a 5 x 7 in stock but since the original was 8 x 10 I can make that size upon request as well.

"Snow Cauldron," also in stock as an 8 x 10.

"Candy Cane Path" has a childlike feel and would fit nicely in a kid's room or for a witch-loving adult.

"Valentine Witch" doesn't have to wait until February, she's a winter witch who just happens to have some hears on her wings and dress. :)

I'll post more as I do them, and probably continue with winter art well past the holidays if the mood strikes's hard to stop once I get started!


  1. I love that snow snail print. Looks like our mollusk friend is fast on the snowy hills. :)

  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award:

    ~ Hannah