Monday, August 4, 2014

Etsy Front Page!

Much to my surprise, one of my paintings showed up in an Etsy front page treasury today. I think this is only the third time this has happened! It's a painting that has been up for a couple of years -- a surreal circus scene, probably suitable for the misty humidity of late summer -- a surreal dreamscape of mixed memories of childhood and wistful nostalgia.

It is always pleasant when this happens. I should add that any of my paintings that I have for sale, which don't already have an option listing for a photographic print, can be made into prints. If the original size is 8 x 10 or larger, I can make a print that is 8 x 10. Otherwise they are all available as 5 x 7 upon request. This particular one can be made as an 8 x 10.

This painting recalls some recurring lifelong dreams I've had of exploring portions of New Jersey that only exist in my dreams. There was a place in Florence NJ for a long time where the Hunt Brothers Circus had their winter quarters. There was still some sort of a structure there when I was a memory suggests something wooden that looked like a tent...but it is very foggy and dim. Perhaps there is a photo somewhere in my family photo boxes, as my dad was a professional photographer.

At any rate, I have a recurring dream of stumbling upon some sort of Weird NJ, out of the way forbidden circus ruin in the woods. Don't we all? 

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