Saturday, September 5, 2015

Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaway and an autumn interview

Two groovy Halloween things to announce...first, the annual Trick or Treat Giveaway is under way from the Halloween Artist Bazaar! There is a crazy amount of really cool stuff available and it's really easy to enter. Just click the link and follow the instructions, then sit back and wait for the spooky goodies to roll in! I have a print available as part of the package. Basically, you just need to check out and "like" the HAB Facebook page, send a "trick or treat" convo to one of the participating Etsy sellers and fill out a couple of fields in a form on the giveaway page. Couldn't be easier! You have until Oct. 20 to do all this, but click now so you don't forget! ;)

 "A Dark and Dreary Day," above, is the print that I have included in the giveaway.

Also, the folks at HAB were kind enough to feature an interview with me on the site this month, talking about Halloween and what it means to me.

At the moment I'm mostly working on some black and white sketching and pen and ink stuff for my own amusement, but I will have more new seasonal art up before long, as well as some of these pen and ink drawings, most likely. The doodling started when I had jury duty on Monday (I didn't get picked) and I spent the whole time working on learning tatting, and drawing. I plan to keep on doing both of those things, of course.

My Autumn reading this year includes, so far, the book "Black Magic" by Marjorie Bowen, an occult/supernatural novel from 1909 that already promises to be one of the finest of the genre. Pictured is an original cover but I am reading a public domain ebook. I can't say enough good things about the availability of previously scarce texts. I'm linking below to, which is a safe and reputable site, but make sure you click on the link to the book and not onto an ad! They have a whole category for occult writing from pre-1923. What could be better? Also on my reading list are some more works from Ash Tree Press, which I also obtained in ebook form though I also enjoy collecting their paper editions. But for $6.99 each if you need as many ghost stories in your life as I do, the ebook route is probably the most affordable. I get as many of both variety as possible, to ensure year-round ghost story coverage.

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