Thursday, November 19, 2009

a feast for the eyes

It's been awhile since my last post (well, about a week, but that's a long time in this hectic fast moving world) but I've been busy...and I have some features to share on some artist friends that I'm excited about...but while i am preparing all of that, i thought i'd break my silence with a couple of psychedelic paintings that i've completed recently.

I didn't really have a title for the one above so she is Astral Peacock Empress, apparently.
She combines some of my favorite imagery, but I tried to use some things that don't pop up quite so often in my paintings...a strange tentacle mollusk creature...a lizard...a hydra...weird flamingo bird skull type thing...but most of all I love RAINBOWS, and peacocks, and candelabras border on an obsession with me!

This one is sort of the idea of the "gateway to the unconscious," where there is a door separately the rational and irrational parts of the mind. It just takes a key to crack it open and all the weirdness starts spilling out -- the stuff of dreams and nightmares; masks and ghosts and rainbow paisleys, bubbles of ideas, and squiggles of thought; odd little bugs of confusion and delirium.  I think I called it "The Key to Dreams," but I'm not much for naming things, ha!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who (like me) are in the US.  We just go to an Indian restaurant so it's a pretty mellow affair. :)

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  1. Great stuff; your descriptions are almost as interesting as the paintings themselves!