Sunday, November 1, 2009

Notebooks found in the trunk

I was just cleaning out the trunk of an old vehicle that we have had for a long time and am getting ready to put out to pasture, sell for parts, etc. Deep in the trunk, I found an old reporters' notebook I used when covering municipal meetings. Throughout my life, whether it's high school, college, or the so-called real world, I've always doodled in notebooks. I pay perfect attention to whatever is going on, but I absolutely MUST doodle if I have a pen in hand. But hey, even with high school notebooks full of weird doodles and very little actual note taking I still had a 4.0, so there! Above, you can see that alongside some drawings of a magical candyland and a frilly ballgown, I've written "tinker with TDR section , set up methodology for contributions to centralized recreation." Sounds exciting, no?

This is a segment of one of the paintings that grew out of these doodles -- a lot of snow and candy witches.

I think this was the doodle that led directly to that painting actually.

This is my personal favorite. A peacock made of spirals with the words "traffic signal" under it. That is my attempt to make the mundane world exciting I guess!

"Police cars at low cost - advertising on cars" - alongside a woman in a fancy hat and frilly dress, of course.

A candycane witch with hearts all over her dress, and "land development ordinance ... historic pesticide residue."
And here's where I just gave up on note taking completely and went to Candyland! Maybe this was before they even got started at the meeting.

I usually saved the notebooks with the good doodles in them, so I might uncover more.

Meanwhile I finished listed some prints over on Etsy, so I have a whole bunch there now with more to come!


  1. I LOVE finding old notebooks! Mine were always chock full of doodles too! Moreso then actual work. I still have them all!

  2. I love finding old notebooks too! And I still doodle every chance I get; at work, on the phone, on long car trips . . . I really love your candy theme going on here. All of your fantasy subjects are always awesome!

  3. Thank you, Kathryn and Tote Trove! :) I was always worried people would think I was goofing off, but it's just how I process information...have to have the left and right brains going at the same time I guess!

    I did a lot of candy themed paintings that year, I think it was around Valentine's Day and I love the color scheme of pink/white/red/pale green that fits in with all that!

  4. Oooh these are so neat Sarada! I really love the candy witch one with the little touches of red and green. I'd actually buy that! Please show us any more buried treasures that you find.

  5. These are gorgeous Sarada - who knew what kind of creativity was going on as we sat rows away from each other, scribbling doodles were not nearly as creative and gorgeous as yours :) THanks for sharing these!