Saturday, November 7, 2009

Repainting the past

This is a tree that I like to read under. I remember reading Dune....many books of ghost stories...Unfortunately I missed the chance to read under autumn foliage in this particular park this year because it was just gone in an instant -- one day it was all green, then there was a cold weekend and then everything blew off the trees. Alas! But I have a vague memory of what fall is supposed to look like. I did this little painting in an evening recently and somehow resisted the temptation to put any creatures or characters in it.

This is one of the things I found in my vaults recently that I made some prints from. They'll be up for sale in a few days...I remember it took days for me to figure out what the UFO should be beaming up and finally I realized -- duh, obviously, a unicorn! This is the kind of thing that I'm guessing sane people don't generally think about.

I'm knee deep in repainting a bunch of things that I originally did around 2000-2002. The limitations of technology (specifically, the kind that I was stuck with at the time) left me unable to get high quality scans or pictures of them before I sold them so I've never been able to do anything with them in terms of reproductions. So I'm repainting a bunch of them, with what I hope is possibly a little more detail than I originally painted them in, and getting nice crisp scans.

But before I get those together...I still have some recent stuff that I'm finishing up and uploading. Click to see the full painting this is from! There is a glass turtle off to the right hand side of the painting that I'm quite delighted with.

I'm a little preoccupied tonight in thinking about weird movies I'd like to see or find on dvd so my coherent post will have to come in a day or so! I'm going to go look through my old video tapes now for something weird and inspiring to watch!


  1. Did I ever show you this lamp?

    Unfortunately, that was the concept photo, and I don't think the actual one turned out quite as nice. But they didn't take any photos with the light on, so who knows what it looks like.

  2. love the tree and the colors!! very pretty!

  3. pmthreads - oh my gosh, i don't know how i've ever lived without one of those lamps!! it's a shame if it didn't turn out like they planned!

    owlsomegifts, thank you so much! :)