Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A change of pace

I usually just do colorful things but I do have a long history of doodling in notebooks to fall back on when I don't want to make a big colorful mess. I'm trying to do more of this in between other projects. Above is with a soft, thick sort of pencil lead. Cheap ones, of course. Lots of smudges.

I like things that are hiding or veiled, and this started out as a batwing kind of thing like the one in the background on the top sketch. I could do these all day. When I don't have colors, I tend to go with line weirdness and textures, since they kind of seem like colors to me. Certain types of shading or cross hatching...sort of look like colors to me...sort of a synaesthesia thing I guess.
This one is the crowd pleaser. A bird or a butterfly or a fish or a peacock. Aren't we all of those things sometimes?

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