Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Accidental art

I had a positively bizarre experience the other day when I walked into a park where I frequently take walks, and came in through an entrance I haven't used in awhile. I started to see burned book pages strewn around a paved area where there were a couple of benches on the mulch. There were several scorched books and many fragments of pages all over the area, and the pages were from two or three different sources. I don't know the story behind why all this was there, but the page fragments had fallen in a way that begged to be photographed. I have a folder of more than a dozen of these over at Flickr, but I also chose three to put on deviantART and make them available as prints in a variety of sizes. Two of them are visible here -- one titled "Ecstasy," above, and "If You Meet the Buddha," below. A third, "A Hell of a Cat" is visible in Flickr. A bad word is dimly visible in the background on that one so I put a mature content warning on it just as a safety measure so the internet doesn't yell at me!

Below, here is another that I like a lot, I called it "Eels Swam In." I just titled these with whatever words jumped out at me on each page.

And here is a large portion of one of the burnt books. I'm curious to find out what the story behind this is but I somehow doubt I'll find out.


  1. I'd really love to know why the book got burned! Where you able to determine what book it was?

  2. I wasn't able to figure out anything more about how all this strangeness happened but one of the books appears to be called "Ashes to Ashes" and otherwise there was some sort of an almanac or 'digest' of sorts. It is a mystery!