Thursday, November 18, 2010

Red leaves in photo and paint

This is another in my experiments with taking photos and painting from them. Which is something that I guess most people probably do but I have this tendency to say "But wouldn't it look better with a unicorn stuck in the middle of it?" and shun realism. Well this still isn't attempting to be realistic, but when I look at the thumbnails on my computer they look pretty similar. Trying to get all of the details of how the leaves overlap would probably overload my brain so I am going more for the impression of leaves and light than a photo realistic rendition...

Oh yes and the painting is for sale on Etsy.

You may remember this photo from several days ago, but here it is again!

I have one more canvas in this size so now I'll have to find something else to paint tomorrow...

Meanwhile, I'm learning how to knit on circular needles and it's going swimmingly!

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