Friday, November 25, 2011

Handmade for the Holidays

Candy Cane Witch makes me want to eat the gingerbread house I have in the other room! Well here we are, the big weekend, the weekend in which I will probably not venture out of the house/woods because I don't like crowds and I don't need anything they sell in the mall. Because like many people, I would rather give and receive something that is made by myself, by a person I know or an artisan or craftsperson who cares about their work, than something produced en masse. These gifts don't have to be expensive, and thanks to the Internet, you can get a gift from far away from a like-minded Maker-of-Things, without having to leave the house. That's what the Handmade for the Holidays idea is all about.

Handmade for the Holidays with

I won't be able to spend any money myself this holiday season, but I do have a variety of original art and prints available in my Etsy shop if anyone would like to give the gift of art this year, some with a winter theme, many with a year-round appeal if you like fantasy, gothic, fairytale and psychedelic art. See my Winter Art Round-Up post for a winter-focused list, or just browse my shop. The prints are all of a size you can easily get a pre-made frame for, and much of the original art is also a standard size.

For the people close to me, I will be making gifts this year, either artwork or knit/crocheted items. Last year I was able to give something to many people I know, because I spend my free time at home knitting instead of grappling for position in an overcrowded store.

Here is a selection of some of the handmade items that some of my friends and online acquaintances offer. Art, music, fiction, scented goodies, graphic arts, handspun fiber and much more. And I included some interesting blogs and podcasts that friends of mine are involved with as well. I will keep adding to this as more friends make suggestions to me, and I will link back to this post.


Bethy Williams Interdimensional Art


Deirdre Ryan Photography (New Jersey area)


Dark Holler Arts
(including the band I am in, Stone Breath, and friends)


Mike Hamel and the Amber Lamps:


Lettering and Letterpress:

Word Illusions (custom ambigrams):

Presse Dufour (design and letterpress)


Hyacinthe Raven (her new book is "Dial 999")

Tara VanFlower ("Violent Violet")

Fiber Arts (art yarn):

Three Ravens:

Terry Had a Little Lamb:

Perfumery and Bath:

13 Gypsies Perfumery:

Sideshow Soap Co.

Conjure Oils

Possets Perfumes

Jewelry and Accessories:

Od Peacock Jewelry:

Peach Fuzz Jewelry:

And I also wanted to promote some friends' work on the internet, in blog and podcast form, here are some projects that some friends of mine are involved with:

Painted Lady Finger (nail polish and beauty products blog):

Pre-Recorded Late Night (free improv comedy podcast)

Miss Gender: A Transgender Woman Tells Her Story

Thanks for looking, and happy holidays!

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